Recommendations for
Llewellyn Lafford

“I worked with Llewellyn for 6 years through the many ups and downs of Upoc. We interfaced as peers on the management level for roll out and implementation of platform releases. His technical knowledge and vast telco background expertise provided much to the Upoc engineering group. Llewellyn was one of the cornerstones of the early success of Upoc as the leading mobile communities application.”
— Michael O'Dea
Director of Operations, Americas, Upoc Networks / Dada USA
worked with Llewellyn at Upoc Networks, Inc.
“Llewellyn is hardworking, and watches out for the company's bottom line. He'll put in the hours to get tasks done. He's also kind and considerate towards everyone he works with.”
— Jen Leong
Director of Interface Engineering, Upoc
reported to Llewellyn at Upoc Networks, Inc.
“At Upoc Llewellyn promoted a positive work environment, new and creative approaches to problems, adherence to deadlines, tightly-knit teams, and a strong work ethic. He is a very creative individual who is young in spirit and long in experience, with an encyclopedic memory.”
— Brian Young
Core Software Engineer, Upoc Networks, Inc.
worked indirectly for Llewellyn at Upoc Networks, Inc.
“Llewellyn has a remarkable skill set that includes razor-sharp statistical analysis; expedient and objective handling of sensitive information; careful problem-solving; and a courteous, approachable management style. His experience, dedicated work ethic and no-I-in-team attitude is an asset to any forward-moving firm.”
— Carla Fisher
Manager of Customer Service, Upoc Networks
worked with Llewellyn at Upoc Networks, Inc.
“Llewellyn coordinates his own individual contributions and priorities and has developed into a go-to person for many specialized projects. He is a 'mensch' in all his interactions with employees, clients, customers, suppliers. His interactions are always of the highest professionalism and he represents the company in an excellent manor.”
— Steven Spencer
CEO, Upoc Networks / Dada USA
managed Llewellyn at Upoc Networks, Inc.